Richard Branson and I

Richard Branson and I

Of course, you’re all probably very aware of who Richard Branson is, what he has achieved so far in his career and the great things he has done with the Virgin Group to date. I’ve long admired his tenacity, drive and passion – especially given all the naysayers and global media attention that’s constantly surrounding him. Whatever he does, he seems to really put his whole heart into it and I admire that, both professionally and on a personal level.


So how did this photo come about?

During a conference in Denmark, that both my husband and I were attending on behalf of our respective companies. We both decided to attend the Presidents’ Summit in Copenhagen and booked our tickets without knowing that we were both going to be there. The big and hot name for me was, of course, Richard Branson.

What can I say? He is absolutely one of the most impressive self-made, charismatic industry leaders in the business world today, and he holds such a clear vision, values and drive! And he is successful in his business ventures time and time again. I have to say, I do love the man for what he manages to achieve and everything he stands for.

So, back to Copenhagen, I met Richard during the event’s highly-anticipated networking session and quickly grabbed the opportunity for a photo. What a legend! Thanks, Richard, it truly was a pleasure meeting you.