Meet the Partners

K Ventures is a Norwegian specialist consultancy and matchmaking company, operating within the Oil & Gas industry and owned and run by Anne Karin Knausgård, who is joined by experienced business partner Yngvar Duesund on activities and engagements in Iran.


Meet Anne Karin Knausgård

Anne Karin Knausgård is an experienced advisor, project leader and manager. She has been an active key-player within the Oil & Gas Industry and Renewable Energy sector for over 25 years, and holds solid and diverse experience from both the operator and supplier sides, nationally and internationally, including assignments in London and Moscow, and extensive business experience from around the world, Asia and mid-Asia in particular.

Anne K is Chair of the Board of the Norwegian Petroleum Association (NPF) in Oslo, Chair of Local Chapters in NPF, and Chair of the Polytechnic Association (PF) Oil Group network. She is also member of the Executive Committee of the NPF as Chair of the Local Chapters, and member of the Executive Committee of PF.



Building upon her military background, Anne has successfully overseen mega field developments and projects, on- and offshore such as Troll, Kvitebjørn, Kristin Field, Kårstø, Kårstø Expansion, South Pars (Iran), Dogger Bank Zone (UK) among others. She has worked for Statoil for 14 years – including the establishment and operation of new organisations in newly established companies and partner-operated activities – and AS Norske Shell for 5 years.

Anne holds heavy experience from the supplier industry from Kværner Engineering AS, an established EPC company known for development projects, new builds and complex modifications for offshore and onshore installations. She also has experience from EMAS AMC, a subsea EPC service provider taking responsibility for a total subsea scope of work including rigid pipe laying projects. As Vice President of Project Services, Anne built up the project service organisation and functions for cost control, planning, document control, risks (commercial and technical), contracts and SCM.

Personal Qualities

Anne is business oriented and focused on effective and competent organisation, cost & resource effective processes and tools, and motivated & energised people to ensure quality, profit and sustainability. She has a high integrity and work moral, and is both flexible and adaptable. She is capable of handling high pressure and workloads, is proactive, systematic and results- and solution driven.


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Meet Yngvar Duesund – Iran Partner

Yngvar Duesund’s main experience is from the oil & gas industry, having held several executive and management positions within large capital project developments. He has worked 5 years in the Middle East, based in Teheran, between 2000-2005 as Project Director at the Statoil International Exploration and Production unit for business development and for the South Pars Project.

He has held multiple, diverse roles within large corporations including Head of Statoil’s project development office, Senior Project Manager of Kværner Energy’s offshore projects, Head of Aker’s internal investigations team for the Sleipner platform disaster, Vice President Quality Assurance Norwegian Contractors, and Engineering Task Force Leader for Europepipe’s gas export landfall in a highly sensitive environment area in Northern Germany.


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