Month: April 2015

Richard Branson and I

Richard Branson and I Of course, you’re all probably very aware of who Richard Branson is, what he has achieved so far in his career and the great things he has done with the Virgin Group to date. I’ve long admired his tenacity, drive and passion …

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Norway’s Best Mentor Scheme

Norway’s Best Mentor Scheme The Polytechnic Association’s Innovation Network is preparing for its 3rd annual mentor scheme. Its primary aim is to support and encourage young professionals to find their way, voice and confidence as they embark on their careers within the industry. It’s been recognised …

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New Name, New Challenges

New name, new challenges As we embrace new challenges within the Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy sector, the company’s name has been changed from Prolom Consult to Knausgård Ventures. The main driver behind the changed direction and added expertise is Anne Karin Knausgård who adds …

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