Volunteering at the Red Cross, Oslo

Volunteering at the Red Cross, Oslo

Earlier this year I joined the Norwegian Red Cross in Oslo as a volunteer, and as we’re approaching winter I’m looking forward to more days off at Finnerud Activity Center handing out skiis and winter activity equipment to unprivileged children and their parents. On a proper winter day in Oslo it can get as cold as -20 degrees so it’s important to wrap up warm and thaw with hot drinks and Scandinavian cinnamon buns in a log cabin afterwards.


Helping Women Establish a Career

Along with my volunteering at Finnerud, I was also part of a project run by the Red Cross in Oslo that aims to help women from unprivileged backgrounds establish a professional career. My role there was to closely sift through all the applications for 6 month-long intern positions across all industries, and match the right candidates to the right vacancy, where they would get a chance to learn and gain valuable work experience. It was incredibly uplifting and rewarding work, and the women who participated in the project were very talented. I’m certain this is just the beginning for them, and who knows where they will go next?

Volunteering with a charity that’s close to my heart is very important to me. I still remember what it was like when I first started my career, it can be very intimidating until you find your confidence and get a chance to prove your worth. These days, client work and the Norwegian Petroleum Association keep me very busy, but I always try to reserve a little of my time to the Red Cross.

If you’re interested in volunteering, find out more about the Red Cross and their outstanding work here. (Norwegian site)