The Iranian Petroleum & Energy Conference for Norwegian Companies 2016

The prospective market is open. What does it take for Norwegian companies to succeed in Iran?
I’m very excited to announce a special project that I have been working on the last few months, and it’s one that’s very close to my heart as I believe it’s the perfect match of competence and need in the current oil & gas market. K Ventures will be organising The Iranian Petroleum & Energy Conference in Teheran, Iran, on 21 – 23rd November 2016, in partnership with IPEC (Iranian Petroleum & Energy Club) and DLA Piper. The conference is aimed at connecting the Norwegian and Iranian petroleum industries. How can Norwegian companies make the most of the giant opportunity that Iran’s newly opened international market presents? What does it take for them to succeed in Iran?

These are among many important questions that will be addressed at the first ever Iranian conference organised exclusively for interested Norwegian companies.

Iran has big ambitions and structured plans for the development of its country’s petroleum industry, and has set a target of increasing its oil production to the same level prior to the imposed sanctions in a very short space of time. This rapid development will include offshore and onshore, and both new builds and modifications on existing plants.

The aim of this conference is to match the urgent need to secure new projects and work places for Norwegian companies with Iran’s need to close a 10-12 year gap of lost technology and developments.

Iran’s industry is specifically looking for innovative Norwegian companies with robust technologies, products, special services, methods and processes which are cost effective for both Capex and Opex.

The conference is tailored and targeted to add real value to delegates in the form of insight, knowledge and information on the bidding processes, relevant projects and companies. On the Norwegian side, K Ventures with myself and business partner Yngvar Duesund will follow up in Iran after the conference.

This is a great business opportunity for Norwegian companies looking for new challenges! More info, including the programme, will follow in due course, but in the meantime please spread the word and contact K Ventures for your exclusive invitation.