K Ventures in the Media

We’re making headlines with our upcoming petroleum and energy conference in Teheran, Iran. There is significant interest among Norwegian companies and we are looking forward to the conference now more than ever.

This week we have been featured by Norway’s leading business magazine, Kapital, and we have just spotted this fantastic article on Kristiansand Chamber of Commerce’s website. It’s in Norwegian, but here is a short summary for you:

“As the sanctions on Iran are lifted, the country is opening up for international companies to provide them with innovative and robust technologies, products, special services, methods and processes which are cost effective for both Capex and Opex to support their rapid development to reach pre-sanction levels of production.”

“This presents a massive opportunity for Norwegian companies, and the 3-4 day conference in November will be an important door opener.”

For more information about the first ever Iranian Petroleum & Energy Conference for Norwegian Companies arranged by K Ventures and IPEC (Iranian Petroleum & Energy Club) read our previous update here, or get in touch for an invitation.